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Taste of Winter Park (Greater Orlando area)

This tour is for you if you are looking for a unique food experience, a romantic date, or to just have fun socializing with friends and family.

This 4-hour walking tour of Winter Park will immerse you an exciting and educational culinary experience trying between 12 to 15 menu items along the way. We will be walking to 4-5 different family-owned restaurants, meeting local artisans, and eating unique foods hand-picked from state-of-the-art chefs.


After the tour we will give you suggested places to spend the rest of your evening. Get ready for a great culinary tour giving you a behind the scenes experience of local culture, food, cocktails, and more.


Tour Includes:

• Passionate and experienced local guide
• 5 stops at Winter Park 
trendiest spots
• Scenic walk
• Small plates
• Great insight into the history and culture of Orlando Cuisine
• Small, intimate groups

Tour Director 



Meet Your Tour Guide


Always up for a good adventure, comestible or otherwise, T.J. let himself run amuck  around the globe for much of his adult life.  


He has been bit by a piranha in the backwaters of the Brazilian Amazon, flown next to a  cow on a cargo plane in Colombia, been offered marriage to a Kenyan Maasai  tribesman’s daughter in exchange for a water tank and cow, and has swum in the frigid  waters of Antarctica, just to name a few exploits.  


Like his travels, his palate reaches far and wide. Once calling Beijing home, he has an  affinity for China’s ningmeng ji (lemon chicken) and man tou (a steamed bun served  with sweetened condensed milk). Not one to shy away from whatever might be on his  plate, he has also experienced guinea pig, baby sparrow kebobs, coagulated duck  blood, and a heaping plateful of fresh, crispy frog skins! 


Ask him the best continent for grazing, he might say Asia. Favorite drink? Brazilian  capirinha or Ethiopia’s tej, the local honey wine. Both could knock you off your feet.  And for dessert? Ice cream from balmy Maine.  

He looks forward to showing you around downtown Winter Park, a magnificent place 

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