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Taste of Downtown Tampa Culinary Walking Tour 

Inspired by culinary walking tours experienced in Europe, our newly launched Taste of Tampa Walking Tour highlights downtown Tampa's historical buildings, Iconic landmarks, and first-class dining. We take you on a city journey- block by block, wandering over bridges, through 100-year-old spaces and into gardens & parks stopping at 4 local restaurants to dive into the unique tastes of Tampa.  Explore the city with new eyes - discover some hidden gems and get ready for a fun filled, upbeat food & history tour!

Food Workshop

Tampa Waterside Sip and Dine

This Sip and Dine tour is an exploration of the city's culinary scene, focusing on both beverages and local cuisine. Participants typically visit various restaurants, bars, and eateries to sample a range of dishes and drinks. This tour includes expert guides who provide insights into the local food culture, share stories about the establishments visited, and offer recommendations. It's a social and gastronomic experience, allowing participants to savor the flavors of Tampa while learning about the city's history and culinary traditions.

Super Health Food

Meet Your Tour Guide Victoria


Travel, food, and culture has always been a passion of Victoria's. Having lived in Valencia, Spain for six months, she visited over 20 cities in Spain and is a world wide traveler with a growing list of new spots to discover. A few of her most memorable experiences include taking an in depth factory tour of how Parmesan Reggiano is made in Parma, Italy and making authentic Ceviche using ingredients from the chef's garden outside of Mexico City. After a five year career in corporate finance, Victoria has recently decided to pursue a career as a commercial pilot.


No matter how different one's background may be, food is a constant that connects people within their communities. The curiosity of why or where traditions, flavors, and techniques come from are just as enjoyable as the taste and presentation. 


When Victoria's not at flight school, you can find her biking, walking, training for a marathon, tap dancing, or perfecting her espresso martini recipe. 


Whether this is your first time exploring Tampa or you are a local resident, Victoria looks forward to sharing the sights, culture, dishes, and sunshine her favorite city in the world has to offer! 

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