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Taste of Downtown Tampa Culinary Walking Tour

Inspired by culinary walking tours experienced in Europe, our newly launched Taste of Tampa Walking Tour highlights downtown Tampa's historical buildings, Iconic landmarks, and first-class dining. We take you on a city journey- block by block, wandering over bridges, through 100-year-old spaces and into gardens & parks stopping at 4 local restaurants to dive into the unique tastes of Tampa.  Explore the city with new eyes - discover some hidden gems and get ready for a fun filled, upbeat food & history tour! 

What the tour includes: 

Create some memories

Explore 100-year-old history

Discover Iconic Landmarks

3 to 4 hour adventure

Enjoy delicious selections of chef- crafted cuisine 

Establish a new connection with downtown Tampa


Tampa Tour Director 


Meet Your Tour Guide


I have travelled and explored many countries and know how valuable those memories are in making your trip truly memorable.


My background is in the travel and hospitality industry, with more than 30 years of experience. I have lead various types of tours across Europe and the Caribbean. I moved to Tampa 20 years ago and discovered how much diversity, culture and history runs through this amazing city.


I would love to meet and share my passion with fellow foodie travelers, while walking through these beautiful streets. I strongly believe that the experience of dining is more than just the cuisine. It is bringing strangers together who may never meet again, but share a common bond with love of food, history and culture.


I am grateful for the opportunity to help others fall in love with this city, just as I did so many years ago.

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