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Founder Levi Kay

Levi Founder

I am a food enthusiast who loves to meet people from all different cultures around the world. Experiencing food tours was one of the highlights in my European travels so I thought, let's bring this idea home, and no better place to start than my hometown of Sarasota Florida. I have been in fine dining management for over 20 years, working alongside Sommeliers, culinary prodigies, and business leaders in the community. My passion is to learn new ways to further my culinary knowledge and promote a seasoned understanding through our local restaurants.


I'm so excited to take you on our food tour to share our passion for food, history, and culture!


About Us

About Sunset Food Tours

Sunset Food Tours is a small, locally owned business founded in the heart of Sarasota. We are foodies at heart who want to share our passion for the culinary experience with our guests! As culinary enthusiasts, our goal is to create an intimate experience for our guests by offering a non-touristy, food-centered tour. Inspired by our world travels, Sunset Food Tours is focused on bringing out a global culinary experience all in one city. Our intimate tours will cover the hidden gems of our local community offering food, drink, culture, history, architecture, art, and of course, memories, while savoring every bite.


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